Internet television service Sling TV, which has been pitching itself as a cheaper alternative to cable in the United States, announced today that it will soon offer a version of HBO as a $15-a

A lire sur AlloCiné : Un peu à la traîne depuis l'ascension de la chaîne Showtime, HBO regorge de nouveaux projets afin de retrouver sa splendeur d'antan ! Petit zoom sur ce qu'elle prépare Sling tv subscribers were in for a shock when HBO channel was removed from Sling TV. But as we can see that there are a number of other options that they can try. All the options are reliable ones and they are also cost-effective. One of the best options is choosing HBO NOW service. This is available in the form of a standalone app or you can also watch it on the website. So if you have If you’re a new subscriber to Sling TV, the company offers 7-days free streaming. We guess this is more than enough for anyone to get used to streaming HBO and a load of other channels. Add HBO to an Existing Sling TV Account. Adding HBO to your existing Sling TV subscription is very easy. Though to start with you need to have a Sling Blue or I used to just go through the SlingTV app on FireStick for HBO, but I ended up canceling that portion of Sling and just using HBO Now. It's much easier to navigate on that app vs going through Sling's app and seems to stream the content at a higher quality.

I don't have HBO now but I have seen it at a friends house. I have HBO Sling for now but will ultimately go with now when it is available on Fire TV unless the Sling interface greatly improves before then. I don't really care about the live channel myself.

16/04/2015 HBO; Showcase; Starz; Bravo; Of course, this is just a short list of the on-demand channels, for a more complete list visit the Sling TV On-Demand Library. SLING TV vs FUBO TV – The Verdict! Well hopefully at this point you have a good feel for both services and can now make an educated decision on which plan is right for you! Truth is, both services are extremely good and depending on your 08/11/2018

Game of Thrones is back in just a few days—and without an Apple device or a cable subscription, you don’t have a place to watch it. Don’t panic. There’s a solution: Sling TV has HBO, too.

HBO maintenant est lancé en 2015 et fondé par Warner Media. Son siège social est situé à NY City, aux États-Unis. Sans aucun doute, c'est un concurrent très sérieux pour YouTube. Cette plateforme donne accès à tous les programmes de HBO sans s'abonner au câble. Cela peut être l'une des meilleures offres pour tous ceux qui aiment les dernières émissions de télévision. Sling TV customers who subscribe to the “Best of Live TV” for $20 a month or select Sling International programming packages can add on HBO for $15 per month. With the “Game of Thrones